Meet Mara Baer of AgoHealth

Meet Mara Baer of AgoHealth

Mara BaerMara Baer is a new contributor to the Denver Medical Study Group website. She will providing us with our “Washington Report” periodically. She is the founder and president of AgoHealth.

Mara Baer has over 20 years in health care. She is a skilled health policy advisor and negotiator with extensive experience across both the public and private sectors. Mara is a leader supporting clients at the intersection of business and policy, developing effective strategies to promote business goals.

Mara evaluates health care market dynamics and provides guidance and support for market entry, payer engagement, and partnership development. She evaluates the impact of federal and state policy on business strategy, and develops and implements state and federal policy engagement strategies in support of business development and growth.

Mara spearheads health policy development processes among crossdivisional and multi-stakeholder teams to drive consensus. She provides analysis of policy associated with changing provider networks, proposed insurance rates, valuebased payment and other market dynamics. Mara also helps organizations by leading multidisciplinary teams through management of complex projects.

Her previous experience includes seven years in senior management at a national federation of health plans. She has extensive background engaging insurers, providers, employers, and consumer organizations through coalitions and other strategic alliances.

Mara has experience in both the Executive and Legislative branches, including serving 4 years as a health care advisor for two U.S. Senators including during the Medicare Modernization Act  (MMA) debate of 2003. During her early years in Washington, Mara worked for the U.S.  Administration on Aging, supporting development of the agency’s annual budget including emergency funding in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

Mara’s roots are in the delivery and management of care. She began her career as a social worker in a long-term care facility in Lawrence, Kansas. She also worked for a large physical therapy network in California, conducting on-site surveys of providers to ensure compliance with quality standards. Her company is a Certified Women Owned Small Business with the SBA.

You can reach Mara at:  Phone: (720) 515-2676 | | | 335 Hudson Street, Denver, CO