Testimonies From Our DMSG Community

Testimonies From Our DMSG Community

“Yesterday’s meeting was one of the best! I enjoyed leading the Netherlands discussion group and learned a lot about how their health system works in the process.” D.G., 9.26.18

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s discussions. Thank you for your sustained efforts to promote education regarding healthcare reform.” S.F., 9.26.18

“What a great presentation Wednesday, Aug. 22nd, with Dr. Patty Gabow. She had an excellent and enlightening topic! L.O. 8.23.18

“Dr. Gabow was a terrific speaker!” “Excellent Speaker!” “Great Job!”
“Patty was great! Q and A was very good also!” Practice Administrators, Aug. 22nd Planning Tool Questionnaire Comments 8.23.18

“Just a quick note to let you know I’m moving. I’ve certainly enjoyed my association with DMSG over the past few years and hope to attend future sessions when I’m in town.” C.D., 6.26.18

“Whenever I’m at a healthcare meeting, someone always mentions the Denver Medical Study Group, so congratulations!” —P.P., 6.1.18

“DMSG does a great job in orchestrating these very valuable meetings. Thanks again!”– W.S., 2.7.18

“The topic and presentation were superb! Thanks again for creating this DMSG format.” —W.S., 2.1.18

“Another great and valuable session. Thank you!” Anonymous, 1.31.18

“Thanks for making Opioids the subject of your Jan. 31st meeting. Rob Valuck has a great story to tell.” S.S., 1.25.18

“Happy New Year and continued success with DMSG!” B.J., 12.30.17

“Love the work you do with DMSG! Wouldn’t miss it!”  B.Y., 12.28.17

“Excellent explanation of DMSG and awesome form on the hook shot!” D.K., 12.14.17

“Excellent video! Very heart touching. This is you.” D.S., 12.12.17

“Your video was nicely done! I watched it start to finish and felt as though you were here at my office.” P.W., 12/6/17

“Thanks for all your leadership for the past 9 years at Denver Medical Study Group, very well done!” W.S., 12.4.17

“You have built a very unique monthly educational event that has attracted national speakers in Healthcare around the country. And recently the DMSG has been recognized as one of the only groups nationally sharing innovative new ideas and progress in this complicated field of work.” J.L., 10.23.17

“You have put together a very interesting and engaged group. It is pleasing to see their sincere interest in healthcare!” D.C., 8.24.17

“It’s nice to hear what the Denver Medical Study Group is up to—-you are working with great leaders!” M.H., 8.16.17

“I’m delighted there is a Denver Medical Study Group. If there is one thing our country needs when we’re struggling with our healthcare issues, is a place for thoughtful, informed and civil discussions of healthcare and that’s what the DMSG does!” T.R., 6.24.17

“Look forward to these DMSG events!! Thanks!” W.S., 5.7.17

“The last session was top notch—and to have Donna Lynne in the audience! What a coup! Congrats on putting together sessions that people really want to attend and are disappointed when they have to miss.” S.R., 4.24.17

“I appreciate both your thoughtfulness and the wonderful, informative work you are doing with the DMSG!” B.Y., 4.21.17

“Your latest speaker is very knowledgeable and will provide real value to meeting attendees.” G.N., 3.12.17

“DMSG provides a forum for the discussion and explanation of healthcare trends and innovations.” D.T., 12.9.16

“Congratulations on your Annual Meeting! The event last night went perfectly. I am proud to be a part of the DMSG Community.” M.B., 12.9.16

“I’m excited about the next DMSG meeting. I believe it is a great opportunity to help serve the physician community. Looking forward to helping “take the DMSG to the next level”! D.F.

“I just thought about the DMSG and was wondering when the next meeting is going to be.” K.Z.

“Chris, I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed about healthcare innovation ideas. Yesterday’s speaker really opened my mind to new possibilities.” A.H.

“I just took a stroll through the DMSG web site. Nice job!” H.L.

“Chris has pulled together an amazing sturdy group with great topics and a remarkable mix of thought leaders who regularly attend. You should attend one of the upcoming meetings.” M.E.

“Chris, how are you getting such good speakers? Would you mind providing contact information on Rich Unbdenstock, AHA? I’d like to get him to speak at our annual meeting this year.” S.B.

“So nice to meet you yesterday, Chris. The event was excellent and offered really good exposure for our program. I look forward to attending in the future.” E.J.