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9.29.16 DMSG Meeting Recap w Senator Aguilar, MD—LOOKING BACK NOW

9.29.16 DMSG Meeting Recap w Senator Aguilar, MD—LOOKING BACK NOW


Amendment 69 on the November, 2016 Ballot: Universal Health Care System Proposal

Senator Irene Aguilar, M.D. Keynote Speaker

T.R. Reid, Author, Lecturer, Documentary Film Maker, Panelist (left)
Jeffrey R. Helton, PhD, CMA, CFE, FHFMA, Panelist (right)

 The following quote is from the DMSG’s President during his introductory comments on Sept. 29, 2016: “Sen. Aguilar, M.D., is the only practicing physician in the Colorado state legislature and the force behind the creation of ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, which creates a universal health care system in the state of Colorado. Amendment 69, if passed on November 8, 2016, will be a modification to the Constitution of Colorado.”

Sen. Aguilar shared with us the benefits of Amendment 69 including (1) everyone contributing including employers, employees, non-payroll and the self-employed, (2) savings from reduced complexity and bulk negotiation and (3) the prioritization of care of complex, high cost patients.

As most of you remember the results of the voting for Amendment 69, it was soundly defeated by approximately 80% against to 20% for the amendment.

It’s now the summer of 2020 and we’re looking at another national election this November with one of the main issues being healthcare—-with all the weaknesses and failures extremely magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic and our country’s inability to respond to the situation. We have never, to my knowledge, had an economic depression that was caused by non-monetary issues, in other words, the coronavirus pandemic.  So this is a new “road to travel”.

But in looking back to Senator Aguilar’s slide presentation on September 29, 2016, there seems to be a lot of the same issues today as there were then. The phrases “Universal Care”  and the “Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB)” are surfacing this time around.

So, the question now is where do we go now? If you have some ideas, I’d like to hear them. 

Feel free to email me at

Chris Hadley
Founder and President
Denver Medical Study Group, Inc.








Event Recap: December 5th, Scott Becker, Publisher and Founder of Becker’s HealthCare

Event Recap: December 5th, Scott Becker, Publisher and Founder of Becker’s HealthCare

Scott BeckerScott Becker, Publisher and Founder of Becker’s HealthCare and Becker’s Hospital Review joined us on December 5th at Children’s Hospital to discuss “Healthcare as a Zero-Sum Game–Who are the Winners and Losers Past and Future?”

Scott talked about some of the changes that have occurred in the past 3-5 years in the industry and some of the changes or “headwinds” coming in the next five to ten years including Pharma costs, Payors expanding into the provider markets, labor costs in the very intensive healthcare market, bricks and mortar —a Dinosaur?, big tech entering healthcare space, siphoning off of high profit ancillaries, and better paying commercial patients as patients go on to Medicare and employer clinics.

Below are some “shots” of Scott, D.U. Healthcare Mgmt Masters Program attendees (our sponsor) and other guests enjoying the meeting. We had a great turnout for Scott’s presentation–the largest since Donna Lynne spoke in December, 2016. Makes us wonder what 2019 will bring!!

Much thanks to Bobbie Kite, Academic Director, DU Healthcare Mgmt Masters Program and her students who volunteered to help with our meeting.!! Thanks everyone!

Chris Hadley
President and Founder
Denver Medical Study Group


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Event Recap: Feb. 23, 2017, Bob Smoldt, The ACA at 6+ years—Now What?

Event Recap: Feb. 23, 2017, Bob Smoldt, The ACA at 6+ years—Now What?















Robert Smoldt, MBA, Associate Director of the Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program at Arizona State University and CAO Emeritus, Mayo Clinic

Bob shared with our DMSG Community “The ACA at 6+ Years—Now What?”. He talked about what has worked and what hasn’t. In addition, Bob reviewed some potential replacement steps in an effort to determine what type of ACA reform/replacement might take place now.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch





DMSG Annual Meeting Dec. 8, 2016

DMSG Annual Meeting Dec. 8, 2016



Our December 8, 2016 Annual meeting speaker was Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne (center) with our MGMA and COPIC sponsors (from left to right, Kristina Ziehler, Dave Gans and Sue Swanson) with DMSG Founder and President, Chris Hadley. Also, sponsor not in photo was Perry Bacalis, CARR Healthcare Realty.

Lt. Gov. Lynne spoke about “The Post-Election Future of Healthcare in Colorado” as well as shared her comments regarding Kaiser and issues with the ACA, freestanding ERs and Medicaid.

Also, the 2016 DMSG Outstanding Service Award (aka “Dean Coddington Award”) was presented to David Gans, Senior Fellow Industry Affairs, MGMA for his outstanding service to the Healthcare Community and to the DMSG.


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