As COPIC’s CEO, I always look to our mission of improving medicine in the communities we serve as a “true north” on the decisions we make. In the wake of COVID-19, this mission still guides our efforts along with another source of inspiration—the dedication of the medical providers, group practices, medical facilities, and hospitals we work with. During this crisis, they have shown a steadfast commitment to their patients and each other. Everyone has stepped up to the challenge and we believe it is our responsibility to help those on the frontlines of this pandemic as well as the broader health care community. Here’s what COPIC is doing to provide support in the fight against COVID-19:

Pledged $250,000 through the COPIC Medical Foundation for the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) for Colorado medical providers

  • With the concern over the shortage of PPE, our Foundation secured 85,000 KN95 masks that were distributed through the Colorado Department of Public Health to local health departments and then out to hospitals and facilities/clinics.
  • This was done in partnership with Governor Polis’ Innovation Response Team Task Force.

Sharing our expertise to guide medical providers through the challenges of COVID-19

  • As physicians struggle to understand the ever-changing guidelines and how to best care for their patients and staff, COPIC’s team of physicians, attorneys, and other experts are working tirelessly to review federal and state laws and regulations, and provide clarity through trusted guidance.
  • We have drawn upon our experience to help medical providers navigate complex COVID-19 situations affecting areas such as privacy, telehealth, scope of practice, and liability.
  • In addition to our core support in medical/legal issues, COPIC’s extended services provide guidance on human resources issues related to COVID-19 and communication guidance from an outside PR/communications firm.
  • Insureds have direct access to expert support through our Legal and HR Helplines, as well as our 24/7 Risk Management Hotline, which connects them with a physician risk manager.
  • COPIC has moved several of our key programs that would normally occur in person to now be available in a virtual format; these include Our Practice Quality Reviews and Facility Assessments, educational seminars, and Practice Administrator meetings.

Addressing the personal, emotional toll COVID-19 is having on medical providers

  • In addition to the open-access support services, such as the CareLine being offered through the Colorado Physician Health Program, COPIC is identifying and contracting with resources in each of our markets to provide confidential, no-cost access to psychologists, psychiatrists, or licensed clinical social workers who understand the pressure health care providers are under.

 Offering a policy specifically designed for the ease of adding new providers to help manage COVID-19

  • To help ease the strain on medical practices and facilities, COPIC established a COVID-19 Physician Program.
  • This program provides temporary liability coverage for physicians who do not have other available insurance coverage, and who will be providing professional services to a COPIC-insured practice or facility to address COVID-19.

Collaborating with key partners in health care

  • COPIC continues to work closely with our “friends in health care” to share information, resources, and expertise in an effort to provide much-needed support and play a role in developing solutions to address COVID-19.
  • In addition, our staff has assisted state medical association partners by identifying ways to work together to support their members.

Enabling our employees to continue to offer a high-level of customer service

  • COPIC’s management team moved quickly to mobilize and allow employees to work remotely to protect their health and that of their family.
  • These efforts included implementing opportunities for virtual employee engagement and support during the transition to a remote-working environment.

As we move forward, COPIC will continue to build upon existing partnerships and the strong relationships we have established over the years. By working together, I am confident that we will continue to support members of the health care community during this time of need.


Gerald Zarlengo, MD, COPIC’s CEO and Chairman

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