DMSG Guidelines

DMSG Guidelines

“A Learning Forum for Leading-Edge Knowledge in Healthcare

Innovation and Reform”


The Denver Medical Study Group was founded on Nov. 5, 2008 as a learning forum for those performing healthcare services and/or are connected to healthcare providers.  Sharing knowledge and innovation in an environment conducive for the development of solutions to current concerns and sharing innovative ideas for future objectives is our mission. 

The DMSG culture refers to its principals of providing an educational forum that does not typically include personal, professional and political agendas.  However, there may be occasion for professional or political agendas of speakers to be presented to our DMSG Community.

Maintaining the pure intent of the founding of DMSG to provide a learning forum for healthcare innovation and reform is the priority for the flow of ideas and thoughts to be shared, not to be steered.

The DMSG does not support or endorse any specific agenda or points of view of our guest speakers. Whenever there is reason to present “both sides” of a professional or political issue, we will provide the opportunity for a joint or separate meeting forum for opposing points of view.

Thank you for your cooperation with these Guidelines as we move forward and continue to take the DMSG “to the next level”.