DMSG’s Video Presentation Series

DMSG’s Video Presentation Series

In an effort to increase the exposure of the DMSG as well as the presentations of our guest speakers, we have captured the vision of the DMSG Community on video. In the profile video, I have shared my perspective on healthcare finances and my commitment to the healthcare industry. Check it out on our web site’s Welcome Page. Watch the video and encourage others in your business network to do the same. By doing that, you will help us get the message of the DMSG “regarding healthcare innovation and reform” out as we go into 2018.

The video series has 12 video vignettes approximately one minute long. We will be sharing these over the next few weeks with our DMSG Community and with others who may be interested in joining us. We welcome your comments as they are important to us  and they will also help boost the traffic to our site. Thank you for your help and support!

Here’s the first video:

Chris Hadley
President and Founder


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