Five Questions & Responses Providers Shared on DMSG Survey 6.23.20

Five Questions & Responses Providers Shared on DMSG Survey 6.23.20

June 23rd DMSG Meeting Survey Responses of Healthcare Providers

As part of the Planning Tool Survey that we did at our June 23rd DMSG meeting, pur guest speaker, Dana Jacoby, suggested that we add the following five questions to gain an understanding of what our healthcare providers were dealing with during this COVID-19 pandemic. I think you’ll enjoy seeing their responses below.

Here they are:

+Has COVID-19 caused you to reduce your services to the community?
60% said No
40% said Yes

+What percentage of furloughed employees do you plan to rehire?
100%  rehired = 36%
95% rehired = 7%
90% rehired = 7%
None furloughed= 43%
Other =  7%
(Total = 100%)

+Has the COVID_19 created leadership and/or culture challenges?
None = 12%
Short-Term = 52%
Long-Term and Short-Term = 18%
Long-Term = 18%
(Total -= 100%)

+Do you anticipate reducing services over the next 12-18 months?
No = 53%
Maybe = 29%
Yes = 18%
(Total = 100%)

+Are you adequately prepared if there is a COVID-19 resurgence?
Yes = 42%
No = 5%
Unsure at this time = 53%
(Total = 100%)

DISCLOSURE: As far as surveys go, our effort was fairly limited but did reflect those healthcare providers who completed the survey on June 23rd. So enjoy and feel free to email me at with any comments or responses to these questions you might have.

Chris Hadley
Founder and President

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