Medical Tourism In Colorado? We’re Trying to Determine if it’s so!

Medical Tourism In Colorado? We’re Trying to Determine if it’s so!

In preparation for our Feb. 21st DMSG meeting with our keynote speaker, Jonathan Edelheit, CEO and Co-Founder of the Medical Tourism Association, we are looking for a Colorado hospital  or a large medical group that is involved with medical tourism. If you know of someone who is doing this either  internationally or domestically or would like to, we’d like to know.

This will be helpful in understanding how medical tourism, especially domestically, would work here in Colorado as it is around the country. May be a new source of revenue for your institution or practice.

One question that has been asked already by one hospital executive is “how do you define Medical Tourism?” Here’s the definition Jonathan responded with:

“Medical Tourism can be defined as multiple things, 1) international patients traveling inbound into the US, 2) Domestic medical tourism (aka Direct Contracting/Bundled Payments, RBP, which is the big trend with all the national employers (Walmart, Jetblue, Boeing, etc)  sending their employees to Cleveland clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mercy in Missouri etc. For some hospitals or large medical groups who aren’t familiar with it, I think they perceive it as something different than it is.  I look forward to talking to you more about it.”

Thanks in advance for your comments or suggestions!

If you are interested in attending our meeting on  Feb. 21st, you can register by clicking on the link below.

February 21st, Jonathan Edelheit, CEO & Co-Founder, Medical Tourism Association

Thanks to our DMSG sponsor for this meeting, Lowdermilk & Associates for their support of our DMSG Community and our speakers!

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