October 16th, Kent Thiry, Chairman & CEO of DaVita

October 16th, Kent Thiry, Chairman & CEO of DaVita

“DaVita’s Strategy for Becoming a More Integrated Healthcare Enterprise Through Diversification and Delivery”

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DaVita Inc., and Chief Executive Officer, DaVita Medical Group

We all know that healthcare is constantly changing. Insurance carriers, hospitals and provider groups are all undergoing changes in the way they provide and pay for services. DaVita is changing along with the rest of the healthcare industry. Kent Thiry’s presentation will explore DaVita’s strategy for becoming a more integrated, and therefore more durable, health care enterprise by diversifying both products and delivery models. This discussion will include DaVita’s international expansion, the opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies and delivery models that are shaping health care services, and Mr. Thiry’s thoughts on leadership in a values-based organization.

WHEN: Monday, October 16th from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

WHERE:  COPIC offices, 7351 Lowry Blvd., Denver, CO 80230

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